Haircuts on Wheels is a mobile hair salon – we come to you in your home or retirement home to provide at home haircuts and other haircare services like:

  • shampoo
  • haircuts
  • blow dry and styling
  • perms
  • colour
  • beard trimming

Our fun, caring and energetic stylists not only give you a great haircut but a wonderful experience! We travel to you in your home or retirement home because we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful.

All of our stylists are certified, bonded, insured and have full police checks.

We come fully equipped, require small area and do full clean up.

Call 416-460-0513 or click here to book an appointment for yourself or a loved one today!

At Home Haircut Service Menu

Service Price
Women’s Shampoo, Scalp Massage & Style $65.00
Women’s Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Haircut & Style $75.00
Men’s Shampoo, Scalp Massage & Haircut $60.00
Men’s Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Haircut & Beard Trim $75.00
Colour & Style $105.00
Colour, Haircut & Style $125.00
Perm with Haircut & Style $135.00

Frequently asked Questions About At Home Haircut Services

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

You will need a chair to sit in that allows access to the back of your head.

The stylist will also need access to water and an outlet.

Otherwise you need only to be prepared to look and feel more beautiful!


Where do you do the service?

We can do the service anywhere, we only need a small space.

Will there be a mess?

No, our stylists take special care to do a thorough clean up. You’ll never know we were there except that you look a little more marvelous.


My loved one is bedridden, can you cut hair in bed?

Yes, our stylists are specially trained to adapt to the individual needs of our clients. We can wash and cut hair with a client that is in bed!

How do you handle safety?

All of our stylists are certified, bonded, insured and have full police checks.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa or Mastercard.

I prefer my own shampoo/shaving cream/etc. Can you use that?

Absolutely! We can use your products if you prefer.

What is the price if I don’t want a shampoo? Is there a discount?

All services include a shampoo, which of course you do not have to have, because there’s no discount and you’ll feel so much better.

Do I need to be at the appointment for my loved one?

You do not need to be at the appointment unless your loved one has behavioural or mobility concerns, then it may be necessary. Please discuss this during the booking process.